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How to make your holiday better!

Our main specialities are tailor made trips, cruises and escorted tours. We especially like planning out an exciting itinerary, sometimes twin or multi centres, and the result is usually much more interesting that you'd find in any brochure. When it comes to beach holidays, we like hotels and resorts that have a bit of character to them, and even better if there is a choice of good restaurants.

We like to promote room upgrades, something that many travel companies seem to ignore, as often upgrading your room can completely transform your holiday experience. It might turn an ordinary standard room into a room with a great view, and your memories may be of sitting on your balcony watching the sunset.

But don't make the mistake of having to move your car again the morning
The other way to improve the 'experience' is to think about how you're getting to the airport and what you're going to do when you're there! For my own trips, I like to go down the night before (it stops worries about the car breaking down!) and find a hotel that reasonably close to the airport. But don't make the mistake of having to move your car again the morning. Choose a hotel where you can leave your car there until you come back from holiday - we have many hotels we deal with so please just ask us and we'll book a good deal for you - most come with big savings over standard rates.


I've always been keen on securing a good price, but only so long as you don't cut too many corners to get it! And that's how we still work - we offer highly competitive prices, but without compromising on quality.

What does that mean?? Well how does your travel company react when something goes wrong, or how helpful are they when you want to change something on your booking, or add a special request, or your transfer doesn't turn up? Can you even get through to them??

Can you even get through to them??

With more things going wrong than ever (ash clouds, snow, strikes, wars etc) we feel more than ever that you have to book with a travel company that offers that quality service and reliability. And so over time, we have simply stopped working with some suppliers who could maybe give us slightly cheaper prices, but will let the customer down when it really matters! As a result, we have a fantastic record on customer feedback, and hardly any complaints about our service or how the holiday arrangements went.

Financial Protection

Who understands about financial protection? Is your holiday covered or not? The fact is that the system is a mess and the new regulations coming in seem full of loopholes. With us, it is simple. EVERY holiday you book is fully protected. You will NEVER lose money due to financial failure when you book a holiday through us. You will get your ATOL receipt from us sent by 1st class post on the day of booking.

The internet

It wasn't that long ago when very few travel agencies used the internet to get quotes and book holidays. I remember we were quite a novelty in being one of the first to have internet access, but the real problem was the excruciatingly slow dial-up speed. Instead of phoning for a quote, I remember trying to be clever and use the internet but at times the connection speed was just hopeless, not to mention a little embarrassing. At times the connection speed was just hopeless, not to mention a little embarrassing
Progress? The big change was when broadband became widely available, and in fact it was at that point we set up the website, and have been adding to it ever since.