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The Seychelles

Seychelles has two main islands and also a number of small islands with one or two hotels situated on them. There hasn't been direct flights from the UK for many years, but now a twice weekly service has begun which makes getting there a bit more convenient.

We have access to around 30 hotels, and as ever there are big variations in the beaches, food and I have to say quality of service, so in effect we limit our recommendations to just a few. Island hopping is not only possible but encouraged, so a few days on two different islands lets you see different sides to the Seychelles.

Our service recommends one or more hotels to suit your budget, but we'll also advise on the best time of year to go, and the key differences between Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius.

Finally, yes, there really are beaches as in the image, in fact there are lots of them!

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