Costa Rica Wildlife Photographs

Photographs from Tom Seddon's recent trip to Costa Rica - December 2017

This sloth had been in this tree overnight, but it was time to find another place to sleep.

Coming down a tree is quite dangerous for a sloth - they are wary of predators near the ground

The whole manoeuvre took over an hour, to go from one tree to another. They were about 10 feet apart, which shows just how slowly sloths move.

And after all that effort you need a rest.

You can see scarlet macaws in many places in Costa Rica - this photograph was taken in Sarapiqui where a local farmer calls them twice a day and puts food out. Others were taken near the lodges especially in the Carara area, and some were hanging out in the trees near to where everyone stops to takes photographs of crocodiles.











White faced capuchin monkeys - the best place to see them is in the Manuel Antonio area which is where all these photographs were taken





They were using the roof of a nearby building as a stopoff point for socialising and grooming before moving on to different parts of the forest.










Chestnut-mandibled Toucan

Keel billed toucan

The toucans were very easy to spot - most lodges put feeding tables out in the gardens, and this attracts toucans - they will often be seen in the trees nearby.





Fiery-Billed Aracari Toucan



Hummingbirds - these are pretty difficult to photograph - for every one that I managed to take, there were quite a few where the hummingbird was half out of the picture!

Sugary water is a great way to attract them








This is the 'Red Eyed Leaf Frog' - they were much smaller than I had imagined.

As well as these we saw Green and Black poison dart frogs and even a 'glass frog' which is literally see-through!


These were sunning themselves on a road leading to the beach in Manuel Antonio.

When their head moves up and down it's a sign to say 'back off'.

Ok not wildlife but one of the iconic sights of Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano. It last erupted in 2010 and is still active.

Leafcutter ants - they carry leaves which can be 30 times heavier than them!

This line stretched several yards

You stand on the bridge and watch the crocodiles below

We sat on the beach watching these circling over the water

It can be sunny one minute and then a torrential shower the next - there's only one thing to do... go to the bar!

This coati liked to hang out around the restaurant

I should have known!

A rescued jaguar before being released back into the wild

Costa Rica - The end!

All Images © Tom Seddon

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